10 Tips To Instantly Calm Any Cat

here are many techniques, which aren’t rocket-science but will enable you to calm almost any cat, in almost any situation. It doesn’t matter what breed they are or if they have a particularly aggressive personality. The tips below just work.

I’ve had cats in my life for around 40 years now and 25 of these have been with magnificent Maine Coons, two of which I still own (Harry and Charlie, brothers and 14 years of age). There are numerous reasons why your cat may feel particularly anxious but usually, it’s related to their environment or their history. Maybe you’ve moved house or changed things around (cats don’t really like change), maybe another cat (or dog) has been in and has left their scent around their home. There could be numerous reasons why your cat doesn’t seem as comfortable as it should.

Or, alternatively, it might just be an aggressive cat. Perhaps it wasn’t handled and socialized properly as a kitten or it is a nervous rescue cat with an unknown history. Sometimes it’s hard to really know.

Whatever the reason, you want your cat to trust you. The tricks and tips I describe below will send signals to your cat that tell it you are not a threat. You will be showing it that you mean it no harm. Your cat should relax a little and you should see the results of this immediately.

How To Calm A Cat

It’s not really that complex. All you need to do is behave as a cat would towards an aggressive cat if it didn’t want to appear as a threat. We’re applying natural cat behavior to the situation.

1) Blink Slowly Towards a Cat

If you only take one thing away from this post, this should be it. It’s amazing how many cat-lovers I know that have never heard of this technique! You will notice if you search for it, that once you check out your cat, they’ll blink slowly and possibly then look. This is your cat telling you that you shouldn’t see them as a threat in any way. If you have a cat, go and try this now.

So, what you want to do is quite simple really. The nervous cat will look at you to try and determine whether you are a threat or not. If there is any doubt, they will assume you are so what you need to do is convince you are not. So, when they stare at you, perform the following:

  1. Slowly close your eyes whilst still facing them and keep them closed for about 2 seconds.
  2. Open them as slowly as you closed them.
  3. Wait a couple of seconds and divert your attention to something else, but do it all slowly – no sudden movements.

Repeat these steps every single time your cat looks at you and remember to keep things nice and slow.

As I said above, if you’re getting to take only one thing from this text or simply don’t have time to read anymore – just take this one point on-board. I have been using this technique for my own cats for years but also for other cats. When you do it you can almost see them becoming less stressed and anxious right in front of you!

2) Don’t Stare – Occasionally Look Away

Never stare at a cat that’s feeling stressed and anxious. This feeds nicely into the last point actually. Look at them, yes, but don’t stare at them. If they are looking at you, by all means, look at them, but do occasionally look away. Keep everything really controlled and slow, no sudden movements.

What this is demonstrating to your cat is that your focus is not directly on them, you are showing them that you are not considering attacking them and you aren’t particularly interested.

3) Yawning When Looking At Your Cat

If an aggressive cat is staring-down another cat, you will never see it yawn. By performing this in front of your cat (I bet you’re yawning right now, just thinking about it) you will be demonstrating your lack of threat.

Watch your cat’s reaction when you do this.They will focus entirely on you as you are doing it and mix this with a slow-blink and infrequently looking away. By yawning, your eyes will shut as you do it, which will only help your cause. Try not to make a loud noise like some people do when they yawn!

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