12 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Dog (The Right Way!)

Your dog is the most awesome dog there is. Yes, we all said that about our adorable dog. We boast about it, cover our Facebook with pictures of them and talk about them as if they were one of our children. They are exceptionally loving, playful, loyal and simply wonderful. They are there for us in the morning to wake us up, greet us on our return from a difficult day, celebrate holidays and family reunions with us and jump into bed when it is time to sleep. They are part of our lives as much as any other member of the family and should be celebrated every day.

We all love our adorable poo, and there are even those of us who are slightly obsessed. Take a look at these signs to see if you are one of us. Be sure to share some of your obsessive traits with other green monsters and discuss the ones you find yourself doing:

1- You talk to them like a person

You talk to them like a person

Sometimes you may remember Ron Burgandy and his fabulously furry friend, Baxter, who ate the whole wheel of cheese. You walk around the house talking to him, sharing the ups and downs of your day, your triumphs and your losses. He listens, cares, understands and never judges. A true friend indeed.


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