15+ Cat Breeds That Can Make Even Ardent Dog Lovers Fall for Them

Psychologists believe that the preference for cats or dogs mainly depends on a person’s personality. Some observations suggest that dog people are more extroverted and should even have some prejudice toward cats. But we’d wish to think that there are majestic felines which will sway the hearts of even the foremost dedicated dog parents.

1. Russian Blue

The Russian Blues are a mesmerizing breed with their silver coat and piercing emerald eyes. But despite their regal looks, they’re very soft-tempered and loyal to their owner, up to the point that they greet them at the door when they return home.

2. American Curl

This breed is very active, so it’s necessary to provide them with enough space for exercise, because that’s how they maintain their weight. In addition, American Curls are quite sociable and take interest in people, allowing for a strong connection between the cat and their owner. Not to mention the cute feature of this breed — ears that curl backward.


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