6 Reasons to Stop Sleeping on Your Right Side or Stomach

Most of us sleep on our stomach or on the right side. But that is not the right thing to do when you are trying to avoid back pain heartburn and many other issues that are unavoidable if you are sleeping on the stomach or the right side. You may feel that these postures are comfortable and enjoy sleeping in these postures, but in reality, this can be not the best decision to make.

We are listing down some of the reasons to avoid sleeping on your stomach or the right side. Some of the health factors and body issues can be related to sleeping on the wrong side or sleeping on your belly. Some of the difficulties that can arise if you sleep on the wrong side.

1. It can cause facial wrinkles.

Either you are sleeping on your stomach or the side, there is no way you can avoid sleeping on the side of your face. This posture is a significant cause of wrinkles on the face of most people will stop the increased pressure on the face increases the wrinkles.

It’s better to:
The best solution is to sleep on your back to avoid any wrinkles and pressure on your face. This way, your pose will be able to breathe properly without any pressure.


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