7 Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain

When cats suffer almost like humans, their behavior can also be affected. In fact, cats often exhibit behavioral changes before physical symptoms.

It is important for you to understand your cat’s traditional temperament and behavior. This includes your cat’s normal attitude, energy status, gait, appetite, sleep patterns, thirst and other physical and behavioral characteristics. The slightest change can be a sign that your cat is sick or suffering. Since your cat cannot tell you that it hurts, your veterinarian will believe you to determine if there are any abnormal behaviors that will be associated with the pain. If your cat just doesn’t act like him, it’s often a symbol that he is suffering.

7- Grooming changes

You may notice that your cat does not wash or, if he does it himself, he concentrates only on his face and on the front of his body. Cats are meticulous cleaners. remember that your cat’s grooming habits have changed otherwise you will notice that its coat is neglected.

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