Amazing ways your cat says “I love you”

1. Sweating Worth noting:

 If Kitty gives you a massage with her feet, she’ll think you are her mother. What could be an even greater sign of love? According to John Bradshaw, anthropologist and author of “Cat Sense,” felines learn to do gentle kneading from their mothers as kittens.

 2. The tail is in the air

Have you ever wondered what it means when your cat moves its tail high in the air? It is definitely a nice gesture. “The straight tail is maybe the way cats show their love for us,” says Bradshow. Not being rude when she extends her tail; She simply wants to send a little love your way.

3. Rolling on her back

 Similar to their canine counterpart, cats require scrapes, too. Bradshaw says that when a cat jumps on your lap or shows its belly, it wants to rub. By allowing this, she fosters a positive relationship with you. After all, she did not allow anyone to touch her.

 4. Cleaning things against things

Your cat isn’t necessarily eager for rewards when she squeezes or random things around the house. Bradshaw asserts that “rubbing the legs of their owners or nearby objects indicates their passion.” Next time, extend it down and give it a good hit in return.

5. Slowly throbbing

According to pet experts, your cat conveys a specific thing when it flashes lazily in the face: attachment. This is because cats are on high alert, and closing their eyes in front of another indicates that they feel completely confident. By blinking nonchalantly, your furry friend tells you that he realizes you are not a threat – and in cat language, this is a serious expression of love. When you do this, close your eyes.


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