Amazing ways your cat says “I love you”

6. Smaller pupils

Eyes are really something to watch out for (pardon the word game). The Humane Society says that narrow pupils indicate one happy, relaxed cat. On the other hand, dilated pupils mean that they are disturbed in their environment. In this case, it is better to give it space.

7. Bend the tail

This tail is very expressive. Experts say that when she gets around you or other kitties, it exudes social connection. So the next time you want to participate in a little TLC, rotate it with your fingers, and see how you respond. Depending on her mood, he might be in your favor!

8. Leave “gifts” in your car

Yes, really – your cat does a favor by dropping a dead mouse or two at your doorstep. At least, you think it is. According to LiveScience, the cat takes on the status of a parent and educator by showing off her hunting skills to its owner, which is a sign that she loves you … a lot. When this happens, say, “Thank you very much!”


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