Is Your Cat Meowing at Night? Reasons Why and What to Do

6 – A newly adopted kitten might feel scared in her new environment.

7 – A newly adopted older cat may feel lonely because she’s wont to the corporate of other cats at the shelter — especially if she had bonded with a specific friend.

8 – Something she sees outside — likely another cat — disturbed her.

  • How to stop cat meowing in the dark ?

As you’ll see, there are many reasons for a cat meowing in the dark. But, thankfully, getting shut-eye could be easier than you think that. Here are some ways to prevent a cat meowing at night:

1- Visit a veterinary professional to rule out any medical reasons that would be behind a cat meowing in the dark. As cats age, they’re susceptible to developing thyroid or kidney diseases, which could end in meowing tons.

2- Because moving is often an exceptionally stressful time for pets, Brent Bilhartz of LazyPaw Animal Hospitals says, “Moving tends to throw daily schedules the wrong way up, but keep your pet’s routine as almost like normal as possible. persist with feeding schedules, and make time for play and affection. Even a couple of minutes a day can make your pet feel safe, loved and calm.” A cat who feels safe and secure is a smaller amount likely to anxiously meow in the dark.

3- If cats aren’t active during the day, they could want to burn off that energy in the dark . a method to assist the burn — and your likelihood of an honest night’s sleep — is to offer kitty an honest workout before bed. Using stick games that make them jump or play ball chasing are excellent ways to launch a number of cat visits that keep you awake.

4- It’s also an honest idea to feed your cat and supply water right before you attend bed. Even humans sleep well with a full belly!

5- Cats that suffer from anxiety may have extra assurance and a spotlight from you, especially at bedtime. Take your cat to the bedroom with you, and move her bed near you. Some cats like having a blanket or towel on their human’s bed — oftentimes they wish to sleep right next to their person. Showing more comfort and safety can help your cat anxious or confused, to feel more relaxed and less fit.


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