Named Anna, This Cat Has Only one Eye And is Desperately Looking For a Family Who Will Adopt Her.

The story of this little black cat is simply touching. Ana, the little black cat with one eye, has been looking for a family for a while who will adopt her after having been in a rescue center for half her life.

Cat Ana is currently four years old and only seven weeks old when she arrived at Battersea’s “Cats and Dogs” rescue center, south-west of central London. After being taken care of by the rescue center, the veterinarians of Battersea discovered that Ana suffered from a rare congenital anomaly which meant that one of her eyeballs was underdeveloped. It was the diagnosis of this disease that caused the kitten’s little discomfort. Veterinarians removed his right eye to relieve his pain. Since then, Ana has become one-eyed and no longer presents herself as the ideal cat in the eyes of people looking for pets.

Staff at the Battersea Rescue Center are concerned that Ana may not meet…WOW! >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .



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