Quick 10 Cat Facts Number 7 is Out of This World!

Cat Facts are essential to all of us who love a feline. They come into our homes, provide comfort and companionship, enrich our lives and conquer our hearts. Along the way, we try to return the favour.

My history with animals

Over the years, I have lived with at least 30 felines. When I was about five, we moved into a neighbourhood with a feral cat population. My dad started feeding a few of these animals in our back yard. Pretty soon, we had at least 20 animals that called our back yard “home”. We had ten of them fixed and still found at least eighteen wild kittens to domesticate and give away each year.
After six years, Mom insisted that we move because she was tired of stepping in cat poop. We came away from that house with twelve kitty pets, so we have lots of experience with felines. With all of this experience and a little bit of research, we are ready to share our cat facts.

Cat Facts-1, cats, chose to live with humans.

Since felines are experts at rodent control, and humans have always had problems with rodents, socializing with humans meant a reliable food source.

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